Clothing info

Clothing info

All the clothing and tote bags you see on my shop (apart from the scarves) are printed from our studio, I always print on ethical clothing brands where I can. I also print on inclusive sizing brands where I can but unfortunatly there still isn't enough variety when it comes to this.

Stanley Stella - Often I print on Stanley Stella clothing and tote bags, what I've found is they will stock more basic items up to 5XL but the more colourful or interesting designs only up to 2XL or 3XL. 

Crop Tops - I have only been able to find crop tops to print on up to XL. I am always looking for more inclusive sizing in this. 

T-shirt Dresses - These only go up to XL as well, these are Stanley Stella T-shirt dresses and fingers crossed they make more inclusive sizes eventually. I found a 'Boyfriend Style' fit which was similar which I stocked up to 5XL as an alternative to this, it had a similar fit but wasn't as long. 

Please do get in touch if you find any inclusive clothing that is suitable for printing on, bare in mind I can only print on items that are specifically designed to be resold.